Billy James Debut Album: “Legends Never Die”

Listen To A Medley of the songs from my Album Debut "Legends Never Die". Published by McGibony Publishing Company/BMI.

You can listen to clips of the individual songs from this album by clicking here: HOME

You can download the songs individually for .99 cents each by clicking here:HOME

Order the complete "Legends Never Die" Album on CD and you will get the whole story behind "Legends Never Die"-The Song That Defied Recording.

How could a mere song defy recording? that would be a legitimate question of this was any other song. But it's not. This song has a history of mystery and suspense, as well a track record of unusual events.

This is not "Just a Song".

Order The "Legends Never Die" Album on Full Length CD below to get the whole story shipped with your CD.

Download the "Legends Never Die" Album as an MP3 Download below and I will email you the whole story.

Song List

(1)"Legends Never Die":written by Jackie Kitchens and Charles B. Carter/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(2) "Angel Don't Cry": written by Richard McGibony and Louise Shields/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(3) "I'm Battie Over Hattie": written by Richard McGibony/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(4) "I Know That Silence": written by Art and Alton Corey/Sharomar Publishing Co./ASCAP

(5) "The Aftershock Is Shockin": written by Art, Alton, and Sharon Corey/Sharomar Publishing Co./ASCAP

(6) "Angel Of My Eye": written by Scott Stallard/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(7) "You": written by Richard McGibony/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(8) "Two Shades Of Blue": written by Richard Mcgibony and Ron Dennis Wheeler/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(9) "Play It Hot" written by Richard McGibony, Ron Dennis Wheeler, and J. Carr/McGibony Pub. Co./BMI

(10) "I May Be Sorry Tomorrow" written by Richard McGibony/ McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(11) "One Perfect Man": written by Richard McGibony/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

(12) "Someone For Each Of Us": written by Richard McGibony/McGibony Publishing Co./BMI

Download The "Legends Never Die" Album As An MP3 $9.99

To Order "Legends Never Die" On Full Length CD

 For Domestic USA Buyers: Domestic Shipping Included: “Legends Never Die” CD $9.99

For Worldwide Buyers: Worldwide Shipping Included: “Legends Never Die” CD $14.99
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Thank you for listening and have a blessed day.
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