Louise Shields Interview Hear Stories About Elvis That You Have Never Heard

Listen to Billy James interview one of Elvis Presley's oldest and closest friends, Songwriter Louise Shields. She grew up with Elvis and was one of his oldest and closest friends until his tragic passing.


Louise Shields wrote her first song at just 9 years old. You will learn who recorded it. Louise had a partner, Richard McGibony, who co-wrote alot of songs with her. She also worked with Dale Meador. Louise spent alot of time at Graceland. You will hear stories about parties with Elvis and just "sitting around" with Elvis. Louise talks about Priscilla's arrival from Germany. She also talks of Elvis' sadness after Priscilla left. It was while she was "sitting around" with Elvis after Priscilla left that Louise was inspired to write the song "That's All I Have Left Of You". Elvis used to give Louise Teddy Bears. Hear how one of the Teddy Bears that Elvis gave to Louise wound up in Billy's hands and what Billy had to do to get it. You will hear about Christmas with Elvis and "The Roll of Wet Toilet Paper". You will get to know "The Real Elvis". He was a fun, generous, and deeply religious and devoted man. Louise also travelled with Jerry Lee Lewis. Listen to how Elvis invited Louise and Jerry Lee to come over to his house and how Jerry Lee wound up getting arrested. You will learn how Louise contacted Billy James to Record her songs from "The Elvis Files'. You will learn the inspiration behind the writing of these songs. Louise tells Billy how his version of "But We Do" was her mother's favorite song and how it was played at her mother's funeral. When Louise passed away, Billy's "But We Do" was played for her. Louise was a very close friend of Billy James and is deeply missed. Louise used to call him every Saturday Night to tell him stories and to encourage him. Louise says, "I always told you Billy James Is Gonna Make It".



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