Grow Your Business Worldwide On The Billy James Radio Show

Billy James would like to offer you the opportunity to reach more customers.

Reach Thousands Of Potential Customers Every Month.

Your ad will appear on Billy's "Check It Out" Page for One Full Year for a very low price.

If you own a restaurant, your ad will appear on Billy's "Dining Out Page" for One Full Year.

Your Business can also have an Exclusive Full Page Ad for One Full Year for a very low price.

All ads can be linked to your existing website for no extra charge.

You can make up to four changes to your ad during the course of the year at no extra cost.

Billy James website appears in hundreds of Google searches. This generates a large amount of traffic to his site from various sources. Billy's site gets a huge amount of local traffic as well as Global Traffic.

So, whether you are a local business in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, or local Tri-State area and wish to bring local customers in to you business, Or you own a business with a Global Target, this is the perfect place to build your business.

You can also purchase On Air Commercials that will air during Billy's Radio Show for a very low price.  For an additional charge, your commercial can be professionally engineered with music and sound effects.

Billy's Radio Show airs during Drive Time Every Thursday from 4-5pm Eastern Time(USA) The show is also streamed live on the internet.

Billy Has Thousands Of Loyal Listeners.

Don't Miss Out On These Fabulous Advertising Opportunities And Grow Your Business

 Advertising Packages:

One On Air Commercial:   $50.00 per week

One Professionally Engineered Commercial With Music and Effects:  $100.00 per week.

Advertisement On Check It Out Page:  $249.00 For One Full Year

Advertisement On Dining Out Page:  $249.00 For One Full Year

Exclusive Full Page Advertisement:  $399.00 For One Full Year 


Limited Time Special: Save $150.00

Purchase An Advertisement On "Check It Out" Or "Dining Out" for the Sale Price Of $199.00 and you will get  One On Air Commercial That Will Air For Two Weeks-A $100.00 Value: Absolutely Free.

 Total Savings:$150.00


Limited Time Special: Save $399.00

Purchase An Exclusve Full Page Advertisement for just $399.99 and you will get two bonuses:

Bonus One:

 You Will Get An Extra Ad That Will Appear On The "Dining Out" Or "Check It Out" Page. It Will Include A Link To Your Exclusive Full Page Advertisement. That's a $199.00 value: Absolutely Free.

Bonus Two:

Purchase A Full Page Advertisement and you will also get One On Air Commercial the will air for Four Weeks. That's a $200.00 value: Absolutely Free. 

Total Savings: $399.00


Don't Miss Out On These Limited Time Opportunities To Grow Your Business

 Current Advertisers

For Restaurants Click Here:   Dining Out

For All Other Businesses Click Here:   Check It Out

Full Page Advertisement Click Here:   Avon Calling  and  South Jersey Aikido Academy

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